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Holiday Gift Cards for 30 Youth in Local Shelters

This year Poppy Muse will physically distribute 30 gift cards to fostered/misplaced youth in local shelters. Most of these children have been left behind by families, physically abused and removed from their homes. Will you find it in your heart this holiday season to bring joy into the lives of disadvantage youth?

If that's a YES, please click on the link in our bio and purchase your gift card for a youth today. Thank you so much for your continued support. 

Deadline: 12/20

Sponsor A "Holiday Muse"

We're happy to announce our holiday sponsorship opportunity with the community. This year we're giving you the opportunity to sponsor one of our musers in need. As our muser's continue to roll in with a list of their needs, we will post their details/stories and Amazon wish list links.

You'll then get to choose a "Holiday Muse" to support. You can support all, or just one. It is solely up to you. You can make your contributions via their amazon wish list via our link in bio ( NOTE: All items will be shipped directly to your muser of choice. So, click on link, choose item/s, check out and done. Poppy Muse would like to thank you in advance for your continued support in the stabilization of current and former foster youth.

Deadline (extended): 01/11
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