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Who We Are


Our Purpose and Who We Serve:


Poppy Muse is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization aiding in the stabilization of young women transitioning out of foster care. Our work is led by foster care alumni – our founder, board members, and team all have lived experience in the system. Every part of Poppy Muse, from our logo and website to our community programs, was built by the loving hands of foster care alumni and adoptees.


Poppy Muse was founded by Tameka Mclean in 2019, with the intent of helping young women navigate the transition out of foster care and into independent adulthood. We aim to serve youth from under-resourced backgrounds, who have not had the advantages of their more privileged peers. For those coming from group homes or foster placements, or aging out with no support system, our goal is to provide the tools and services they need to get on track and prepare for adult life. We want all current and former foster youth to thrive – with a strong network behind them, the future looks brighter than ever!


The Poppy Muse team is made up of volunteers, interns, and certified facilitators, who run the organization with minimal funding. Our non-traditional approach centers resources for the youth we serve; our goal is to continue expanding the services and support we provide, guided by the needs of our community. We can do this only with the help of great people who believe in our mission, and have a true passion for the work we do. 


The name Poppy Muse was chosen to reflect our organization’s values of transformation and growth. In many cultures, the poppy flower is a symbol of life, death, and renewal; in order to effect positive change in one’s life, one must be willing to release the ideas holding them back, and choose to move forward. The poppy is multi-faceted, however, and can also symbolize imagination, success, and perseverance. We believe Poppy Muse represents all these qualities, and we will continue to push this important work forward in the years to come. 


Tameka Mclean

Founder + Executive Director


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"If it wasn’t for H.A.W.T Muse and it's Emergency Displacement Fund  and their assistance through this difficult time, who knows what these next couple of weeks would have looked like."

-Stephanie V.

"I see our youth positively being affected by sessions, if one or two youth are able to benefit, grow, learn, and excel then H.A.W.T Muse  has made its mark on the next generation."


"Thank you so much for the clothing, everything you do is very much appreciated."

-Sara. S

"I contacted Tameka Mclean (Founder of Poppy Muse) for help for a foster youth aging out of the system.  Tameka was absolutely wonderful, caring and beyond helpful. I felt an instant connection to her because she understood the issues and concerns and was so willing to help."

-Annie S. (foster aunt) 

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"I want to thank the organization (Poppy Muse) for their kindness in reaching out to support me. Especially Miss Tameka who took her time calling and sending emails to assist me with my education needs. At first, I was hesitant to explain my problem to this organization but suddenly I found out that opening up and talking to generous and caring people like her was the solution to my problem. This organization took their time and effort to assist me with my tuition fee."

-M. Sylla

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