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Emergency Displacement Fund


Poppy Muse has started an “Emergency Displacement Fund” for homeless and struggling college students. To continue to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead for these young adults, we are turning to you for support. We ask that you help us carry out our mission during this critical time by making a donation. We must stand in solidarity to sustain, support, and help them survive the challenges of the months ahead.

People like you, give organizations like ours, the ability to makea  change in the world.  So, thank you for your contribution and thank you for make a difference.

In this time of uncertainty, Poppy Muse hopes that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. As we begin to mobilize solutions and confront these challenges together, the significance of our connections with one another—as individuals, families, and communities—becomes clearer.

Due to the unprecedented challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic, the homeless and struggling college students have been forced off campus and many of them have lost their jobs, Transitioned Foster Care youth and youth from underdeveloped communities are eligible.  During this time these young adults may be incapable of paying for their tuition, or finding a temporary place to live. These are some of the inequities these young adults must confront now. These needs may increase and evolve as this crisis unfolds.

After each student has completed the approval process for The “Emergency Displacement Fund”, they will be supplied with funds that will help cover their bare necessities (food, toilet tissue, soap, shampoo, etc.,) and assistance with small bills (i.e phone and storage), cost of books and assistance with uncovered tuition fees.

Your completely tax-deductible gift will help us positively impact the young people we serve and those that will come after them. Every dollar you donate to this fund will go directly to each student. Your good deed will stabilize these youth for at least 30-90 days. We appreciate you and your generosity during this time.  Thank you.


"If it wasn’t for Poppy Muse and it's Emergency Displacement Fund  and their assistance through this difficult time, who knows what these next couple of weeks would have looked like."

-Stephanie V.

NOTE: If you or someone you know are in foster care, a displaced college student in foster care, or who has aged out, and are in need of financial assistance please fill out the "Displacement Survey" via the following link.

NOTES: Be more descriptive, give background on how Leigh inspired us. The fund is now focused on Foster Care youth. 

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