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The Work


As an organization we focus on providing foster youth and foster alumni with Webinar Sessions. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hopeful in our mission to stabilize the lives of youth in foster care/aging out, and continue to focus on our mission. When first starting the organization in 2019, we reached out to local agencies until we received our first yes!​ We are now focused on serving youth in our local community of Bronx, New York.

As a foster youth or alumni, no matter who your are, where you're going, or what your goals are, we are here to support YOU! Poppy Muse is different from other organizations because we aim to build a life-long connection with all the women who receive our services. For more updates about what we're doing and where our Musers are going, sign up for our newsletter below.

More News on Poppy Muse


Don't miss out on all that's happening within our community! Checkout our Youtube page for move resources, information, and stories that highlight our Musers and the foster care system. Checkout a few below:

"I see our youth positively being affected by sessions, if one or two youth are able to benefit, grow, learn, and excel then H.A.W.T Muse has made its mark on the next generation."

- S.C., Recreational, Educational & Independent Living Coordinator

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