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Foster Muse


Here at Poppy Muse, a Foster Muse is defined as a young woman who inspires and promotes the development of another. 

Each month via our newsletter, we like to give an update on all our young women within the organization—where they're going and how they're turning into inspirations for others to follow in their footsteps. The below is a summary of our recent community outreach and the youth we continue to help:


Muser #1 is a recent college grad living in the Bronx, NY. She graduated with an Associates Degree in Hospitality, and is looking to go into the hotel industry. We have weekly follow up calls with her, and are offering her an Office Admin Internship to add some post graduate experience to her resumé. 


Muser #2 is unemployed living in Queens, NY. We are currently helping her find a full-time position as a Youth Outreach Manger. If you have any leads please let us know.


Muser #3 is a Queens College student and is also the recipient of our Emergency Displacement Fund. We continue to support her with guidance as part of our "big sister approach."


Muser #4 is working, going to school, and doing well. She's also being awarded a scholarship from one of our partners. 


Muser #5 We advocated for this young woman, and ended up getting her a second grant to help cover tuition expenses for Spring 2021. We are working with her to help find housing, and to make sure she can use her housing voucher so that she doesn't need to fear being homeless.


Muser #6 is a single mom in New Jersey. We have connected her with a therapist, and is on a clearer path to strength and happiness now. We continue to follow up with her weekly.

No matter who your are, where you're going, or what your goals are, we are here to support YOU! Poppy Muse is different from other organizations because we aim to build a life-long connection with all the women who receive our services. For more updates about what we're doing and where our Musers are going, sign up for our newsletter below.

Stories of a Foster Muse is our ongoing documentary. The story of each of these women will be different, but yet there are still some commonalities. Some of their stories will be sad and or dark, and the strength to tell their story is inspirational. We believe that sharing these stories will impact younger youth in foster care, and give them examples to live by.

Leigh-Anna Nielsen

Video Credits​. Interviewee: Leigh-Anna Nielsen (past Poppy Muse intern). Videographer: Anatola Araba Pabst. Location: The New School
Leigh-Anna Nielsen is Poppy Muses' first Muse. She entered foster care at the age of 17 and aged out on her 21st birthday in February 2020. 

Rodia Dorcely-Nicaisse

Video Credits​. Interviewee: Rodia Dorcely Nicaisse. Interviewer (Voice)/Photographer: Paul Schneiderman. Location: Mamaroneck, NY

Rodia Dorcely-Nicaisse was 16 years old when she entered her first permanent group home. She age out at 21 in 2002. Currently she sits on our Board of Directors and has been one of the foundational figures in the formation of Poppy Muse.

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