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Our mission is to aid in the transformation of each individual, providing a stable foundation for all young women transitioning out of the foster care system. We primarily aid those who identify as women, and are happy to help direct men or non-binary individuals to other organizations who specialize in their needs. We take a “you are my sister” approach, providing young women with the resources and support needed to change their lives for the better, while ultimately acknowledging that this change will begin within themselves.


Poppy Muse envisions a world where young people can grow into adulthood with abundant resources, support, and community, and no child is forgotten because of flawed systems. We see a future in which the entire world will be inspired by the stories of current and former foster care youth. Poppy Muse is currently focused on our local community of New York City, in aid to lower unemployment, homelessness, and substance affecting foster care youth and alumni, and create legislative change within the foster care system.


Poppy Muse thrives on the following core values: Honesty (with self and others), Respect, Compassion, Service, and Optimism. 

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