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Poppy Muse Programing

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Here at Poppy Muse, we are ready to share, educate, and support in every way possible—that's why we offer a variety of programs! Check out all our seminar and course offerings below.

Quarterly Youth Programming

Our Quarterly Youth Programming is focused on two areas: Health + Wellness and Career Development. In each track, we offer a variety of seminars developed and led by different facilitators. These programs are designed to give youth foundational skills for a lifetime of success. 

Yearly Youth Programming

​Poppy Muse offers a Seasonal Grade Level Program (SGLP©), a 12-month initiative that cultivates each young woman’s ability to learn, adopt healthy behaviors, and become self-sustaining. 

Summer Independence Program

The Summer Independence Program (SIP) takes place for two weeks per month during the summer break. Every year, we take in eight young women for an intensive learning experience, preparing them for real-world life after graduation. 

Community Calendar

Poppy Muse provides webinars, seminars, workshops, and more for our community. These classes are open to both foster care alumni and the general public, made accessible to all levels.


We have a wide range of offerings, including: Open Yoga Sessions, Mommy & Me Yoga classes, Meditation and Breathing, Mugs, Mules & Paint sessions, and more! Foster youth can always attend at no cost. 


If you are an agency and would like to schedule separate group sessions for your youth, contact us here.


Which one applies to you?

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