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Quarterly Youth Programming

Our Quarterly Youth Programming is focused on two areas: Health + Wellness and Career Development. In each track, we offer a variety of seminars developed and led by different facilitators. These programs are designed to give youth foundational skills for a lifetime of success. 

Health & Wellness

Our Health & Wellness program includes 6 different curriculums. We explore techniques for maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health while tackling the challenges of the outside world. 

As an organization that caters to the mental well-being and growth of young women, we want to better understand the needs of everyone who participates in our programs. We have a special focus on mental health, offering seminars and workshops with the assistance of certified therapists.

Check out some of our Health and Wellness programs below:

Career Development

Our Career Development program introduces young people to the enormous possibilities of their professional choices. During these sessions, we assess strengths and help every participant to find a satisfying career path. The program includes six different curriculums, aimed at piquing youth interest in the arts and science/technology. ​

Check out some of our Career Development programs below:

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