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Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement organized to remind us all of the true importance of the season of giving. It is a necessary time to give back to organizations working to make a difference in your community.⁠

This Giving Tuesday, we ask that you think of foster youth in need. 

Imagine yourself being asked to leave your home at 18/21 with little to no support, very little money with minimal resources? At 17 the countdown starts for foster youth in transition into adulthood.

It's a scary thought.  Think back to when you were 17 at home with mom and dad.  Were you having to think about where you were going to live, eat and work to support yourself, by yourself?

Imagine having to start life over at a young age somewhere unfamiliar.

In 2022 we aim to raise $40,000.  We need you! With these funds we plan to replenish our Emergency Displacement Fund for struggling/college bound foster youth, certified facilitators, mental health therapists, software and computers.

This Giving Tuesday, you can help us reach that goal. Thank you in advance for your contribution and support.

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